Acute Home Visiting Service

Provided for people registered to GP practices within Mansfield & Ashfield, and Newark & Sherwood.

In April 2019,  PICS was awarded the contract for Acute Home visiting service across 41 practices in Mid Nottinghamshire, covering practices in Mansfield,  Ashfield, Newark and Sherwood. This contract award followed a successful pilot carried out in Newark in April 2017, with a further expansion of the pilot in November 2017 to include Sherwood practices. The service has now expanded to provide approximately 1,500 visits per month across Mid Nottinghamshire.

 A highly skilled and dedicated team of Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP’s) and Emergency Care Practitioners (ECP’s) provide acute visits to patients in their own homes or care. The service is for patients who need to be seen in their own home/care home. When patients contact their GP requesting a same day home visit for an acute need, the GP’s can choose to refer on to the acute home visiting service. The aim of the service is to reduce inappropriate hospital admissions and enable patients to be cared for at home when it is clinically safe to do so. The service supports GPs to manage urgent care needs and enables them to focus on other priorities in Primary Care.

The service has resulted in:

  • Reduced emergency admissions to hospitals.
  • Reduced need for GPs to leave their practice to visit people in their homes. This increases patient access to GPs at the practices.
  • Quicker referral to hospital when it is needed.

The service has a very good reputation with local GPs helping to support and reduce their urgent visit workload.

The service can be accessed via your local GP. To know more about the service please contact PICS on 03000 830 000 option 8.

After two successful service reviews and excellent GP and patient feedback the service has now been extended to March 2019.

Newark and Sherwood Acute Home Visiting Service – Recognition of achievement  by NHS England

The Newark and Sherwood Acute Home visiting service has gained recognition of its achievements by NHS England, with a case study in its Atlas of Shared learning
The article summarises the service and recognises the importance it has had in supporting GPs in the management of acutely ill patients in danger of requiring hospital admission.

For the full article click on the link below:

 For further information contact Gerald Ellis [email protected]  or

Wendy Berridge [email protected]