Care Co-ordination Service

Provided for people registered to GP practices within Nottingham West.

The Care Co-ordination service is a locality based service that co-ordinates care and aims to support patients and carers over 65 years old and those with complex needs to live independently for longer and reduce avoidable hospital admissions.  The team work closely with general practices within Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group to support the proactive identification of patients at high risk of an admission or loss of independence.  The team includes specialist nurses and occupational therapist who are supported by a team of administrators. The team aims to ensure that the management plans are in place.

The service has resulted in:

  • Reduced emergency admissions to hospitals.
  • Patient centred rather than condition centred care provided.
  • Quicker referral to hospital when it is needed.

The service can be accessed via your local GP. To know more about the service please contact PICS on 03000 830 000 option 6.