ECG 24 hour Monitoring

This service is currently provided by 6 practices in the Newark locality, Collingham Medical Centre, Fountain Medical Practice, Lombard Medical Centre, Hounsfield Medical Centre, Barnby Gate Surgery and Southwell Medical Centre. The service covers a population of over 70,000 patients across Newark.

The Electrocardiology (ECG) 24 hour monitoring service involves a small device (about the size of a mobile phone), that has 3 leads that are attached to the chest, which allow the device to monitor heart rate activity over a period of 24 hours.  The data captured on a memory card, is then sent securely over the internet to a specialist cardiologist team to interpret and feedback the results to the GP for further action if appropriate.

The ECG 24 hour monitoring service aims to improve the service and referrals for patients with Atrial fibrillation (AF) by:

  • Providing service closer to home.
  • Reduce anxiety of patients.
  • The ability to interpret the ECG quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce current waiting times for a hospital appointment (currently 5-6 weeks).
  • Quick diagnosis and instant result for specialist referral if needed.

Equipment will be fitted and removed within one of the six host GP practices by practice trained staff. Data is then sent to a central provider which will return contextualised reporting for GP assessment.

The service commenced in September 2017, can be accessed via your local GP and is currently provided to people registered at GP practices within the Newark locality.

To know more about this service, please contact 0300 830 000 option 9.

Please find below patient information on the fitting and monitoring of the ECG 24 hour service.