First Contact Dietitian

For residents of South and Mid Nottinghamshire registered to a GP surgery in: Broxtowe, Newark and Carlton. 

Patients and carers can benefit from specialist support to understand how to get the nutrients they need through what they eat and drink. First Contact Dietitians listen to what matters to the patient, and supports them, their loved ones and carers to work out how food and drink is affecting their life.

These experienced Dietitians visit most of their patients in care homes or at home. The team focus on people who are elderly and frail.

PICS First Contact Dietitians undertake extra training at Masters level to enable them to independently manage patients’ dietetic needs. They often work with other healthcare professionals and can also refer patients to hospital services if needed.

You can be referred by your healthcare professional if you are registered at a GP surgery within the areas we provide this service. Please use our contact page if you want to ask PICS about the role.


We’re fully integrated with primary, community and secondary care services, offering a streamlined experience and consistently high standards of care.

Our holistic approach and integration with other healthcare professionals offer patients the right care in the right place and at the right time.


Patients, their loved ones and carers are supported to understand how food and drink can improve their health and wellbeing.

Better nutritian helps keep people independent for longer and helps prevent frailty and visits to hospital. 

Dietitians work closely with Speech and Language Therapists and Clinical Pharmacists to provide a holistic care plan and support. 

Information for healthcare professionals

PICS currently employs First Contact Dietitians in the following Primary Care Networks: Newark; Nottingham West and Synergy. We are recruiting to positions in Rosewood and Arnold and Calverton. 

Carol Pape is the Clinical Lead/Manager for the First Contact Dietitian team, offering supervision and support to achieve NHS Roadmap accreditation.