First Contact Paramedics

For residents of South and Mid Nottinghamshire registered to a GP surgery in: Daybrook, Westhorpe, Mapperley, Arnold, Calverton, Hucknall, Broxtowe, Sherwood, Ashfield South and Mansfield North. 

If you call your GP surgery for an urgent appointment, you may be able to see a First Contact Paramedic without seeing a GP first. They will see you in the GP Practice, your home or a care home.

First Contact Paramedics are very experienced and undertake extra training at Masters level so they can independently diagnose, manage and treat patients with a wide range of health problems. They are part of the wider General Practice team and can signpost and refer to a wider team for additional support.

Please use our contact page if you want to ask PICS about this service.


We’re fully integrated with primary, community and secondary care services, offering a streamlined experience and consistently high standards of care.

Our holistic approach and integration with other healthcare professionals offer patients the right care in the right place and at the right time.


Many patients don’t have to wait between diagnosis and treatment because the team provide all the care they need in one visit.

Patients are supported to understand their condition and treatment, empowering them to make better choices to improve their health and wellbeing.

Fewer patients require visits to hospital.

Pressure on out-patient activity in hospitals is reduced.

Information for healthcare professionals: 

PICS employs First Contact Paramedics for the following Primary Care Networks: Arnold and Calverton; Arrow, Nottingham West; Bryon; Sherwood and Mansfield North.

Patients requesting urgent appointments are triaged by the GP practice and offered the most appropriate service. First Contact Paramedics may also conduct regular ward rounds in care homes, depending on the design of the service.

Carol Pape is the Clinical Lead for the First Contact Paramedic team, offering supervision and support to achieve NHS Roadmap accreditation.