For residents of South Nottinghamshire and the City of Nottingham, including: Broxtowe, Gedling, Rushcliffe, Carlton, Hucknall, Mapperley, Calverton and Arnold. 

Patients receive expert gynecologic care from a specialist team of Consultants, GPs and Healthcare Assistants in the same visit. The clinics take place in a variety of accessible locations across the region and are chosen to be easier to get to than hospital. 

We treat women and people with a female reproductive system who are aged 16 or older.  

Our staff will call you to understand your need. We can then book you in for a face-to-face appointment. Our aim is to examine, diagnose and treat you at the same appointment. We also provide follow up appointments over the phone or in person, and onward referrals as needed. 

We will take the time to listen to your condition and what matters to you. We’ll explain how we’lll examine you and offer you the choice to have a registered chaperone present while you are examined. We will explain our diagnosis and provide information and advice about your condition and ways to take care of yourself. 

You can be referred to this service by your healthcare professional if they are registered at a GP surgery in south Nottinghamshire or the City of Nottinghamshire. Please use our contact page if you want to ask PICS about this service. 

Cervical polyps
Menopause problems /severe premenstrual syndrome
Menstrual disorders (excluding Post-Menopausal Bleeding)
Pelvic pain
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Pessary changes
Benign ovarian cysts
Vulval disorders


We run clinics from Monday to Sunday across the region. You will be advised of the locations, days and times available when we book you in.

We only run clinics in buildings which are accessible and suitable for delivering heath care treatments, such as GP surgeries and healthcare centres. Locations include Upper Parliament Street in the City Centre, Keyworth, Heanor, Eastwood, Kimberley, Beeston, Arnold and Gedling. 


We’re fully integrated with primary, community and secondary services, offering every patient clear information, a streamlined experience and consistently high standards of care.

Our holistic approach and multi-specialist teams provide patients with the right care in the right place and at the right time.


Patients don’t have to wait between diagnosis and treatment because the team provide all the care they need in one visit.

Patients are supported to understand their condition and treatment, and empowered to make choices to improve their health and wellbeing.

Fewer patients require surgical intervention.

Pressure on out-patient activity in hospitals is reduced. 

Through working together in the same location, Consultants and GPs educate each other to improve care for patients, enhance pathways and develop careers.

Information for healthcare professionals: 

GPs should refer via eHealthscope / F12: current gynaecology standardised secondary care referral form and refer as usual via the Greater Nottingham Referral Support Service. We aim to triage referrals within 5 working days. 

Patients can’t be treated by this service if they: are under 16s; suspected cancers; have post-coital bleeding and cervical abnormalities requiring colposcopy; post-menopausal bleeding; psychosexual issues; pregnancy-related issues including terminations; infertility or patients with a complex past gynaecological history where hospital records may be required. 

Mr Srin Amirchetty, Consultant Gynaecologist, is the Clinical Lead for the service. A team of 11 Gynaecologist Consultants and 8 General Practitioners are supported by a team of Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and administrators who are enabled by Operations Manager, Karen Bush. 

This service is operated by PICS in partnership with Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, Nottingham City GP Alliance and Partners Health.