Our People

Our People

Our health and social care staff provide the best standard of care for our patients, their carers and families. Our corporate staff are experts in their fields and also put patients first. Together we are can-do, caring people.

We work collaboratively within a supportive environment, providing constructive feedback to ensure robust clinical services and a culture of continuous learning.

Many of our colleagues have decades of experience in the NHS or social care. Read about what they say about working for PICS in the staff survey section below.

Our staff have access to the NHS pension, as well as additional benefits from access to wellbeing, professional networks and training and technological systems.

Our Team 

Founding Directors Dr Kelvin Lim and Alison Rounce began their partnership at Eastwood Primary Care Centre. They formed a new company so that they could provide a new service for their patients. PICS has grown from the success of their first innovation, and now has over 450 staff working in more than 35 services and corporate teams. Karen Frankland joined PICS to provide expert support and advice and became Deputy Managing Director in late 2022, then Managing Director from 1 June 2023. Karen’s support has enabled Alison Rounce to step back and focus on her treatment for cancer. 

Karen Frankland is a highly experienced leader within Nottinghamshire’s healthcare system, having been co-founder, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Business, Marketing, IT and Estates at Nottingham City Care.

Since Karen joined PICS, she has supported staff to deliver sustainable business growth through mentoring, business analysis and change management.

From starting out in the NHS as a receptionist at Strelley Health Centre, Karen is as likely to be in a clinic as a conference room. She believes that teams and organisations are not about one role or one person, saying: “It’s what we can do by everyone connected taking personal responsibility to work as a supportive, productive team and achieve a shared goal.”

Karen is passionate about strengthening long term partnerships and engaging with colleagues. She is committed to amplifying the transformative value of primary and community care in the development of the wider healthcare system. Karen has been appointed as interim Managing Director to support Alison Rounce who is undergoing treatment for cancer and is due to leave PICS in October 2023. 

Karen Frankland

Managing Director

Alison has worked in primary care for over 26 years, with roles in personnel and recruitment in a local pre-cursor to Primary Care Trusts, then also as Support Manager for a cluster of 12 Practices, and most recently as Managing Partner of Eastwood Primary Care Centre.

She has an MBA, is a Fellow of the Institute of Management, and was awarded prestigious Nottingham Post Women in Business Award for Public Service in 2018.

Ali’s special interests have been in quality assurance, technological innovation and commissioning processes, but her passion is collaborating to develop and deliver sustained, high-quality health services that are integrated and based on new ways of working. Ali is a Founding Director of PICS and was Managing Director until May 2023. Ali is undergoing treatment for cancer and will support Karen as Deputy until Ali leaves PICS in October 2023. 

Alison Rounce

Deputy Managing Director

Kelvin is an experienced GP, based in Eastwood since 1991, having qualified from the University of Nottingham in 1986. During this time, he has been part of two successful practice mergers; set up Church Walk as a training practice; and started PICS with Ali.

He is skilled in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), Family Medicine, Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, and Medicine. 

Kelvin has special interests in Respiratory Medicine and Cardiology, and has success with running an acupuncture service in Eastwood for pain relief.

Kelvin believes change and improvement comes from harnessing the passion of health care colleagues to improve the patient journey.

Dr Kelvin Lim

Medical Director




Long Term Conditions Palliative Care Nurse

Working for PICs is fantastic. They really do care about the service users as well as all the staff who provide the ever-expanding range of quality services.



I feel very proud to work for PICS. The Values are important to each and everyone of us and we always put the patients needs at the centre of what we do.


Advanced Nurse Practitioner

I enjoy working with PICs. I feel respected and enjoy the autonomy.
I have a role where I do feel I make a difference.


Project Manager

My affection for PICS is enormous. The caring company ethos comes from the people working within PICS and their care and affection is extended to all.

Staff engagement survey highlights

Every year, PICS asks staff to share their feedback of working here and we use the information to continue what we do well, to share best practice across the organisation, and to make improvements.

In the 2021 survey, staff reported higher satisfaction in all comparable areas with the NHS, including patient care as a top priority, feeling valued, support from a line manager, and in broader areas of team working, pay and flexible working.

  • 91% agree that patient care is the organisation’s top priority.
  • 96% agreed the organisation acts fairly with regards to career progression and promotion.
  • 93% say they are trusted to do their job.
  • 86% of staff say they would recommend PICS as a place to work.
  • 90% are happy with the standard of work from PICS in case a friend or relative needed treatment from us.
  • 88% feel safe to speak up about anything that concerns them in the organisation.
  • 85% feel their work is valued by the organisation.

We ask all staff to complete the staff survey and the return rates are consistently high, at 73 per cent in 2021. The staff survey fund was launched in 2020 to encourage staff to engage with the survey and remind each other to complete it. It’s also part of PICS’ drive to reduce our use of ink and paper (on flyers, posters and letters) and to support staff interests. Every time a member of staff completed the 2021 staff survey, PICS donated £2 to the fund. So far, £900 has been raised for charities close to the hearts of PICS staff. Find out about the winning charity, ‘Our Dementia Choir’, here: PICSies support local Dementia charity.

PICS is a fantastic organisation to work for. Excellent patient care and fantastic support and training opportunities from a very approachable management team, the level of which I have never experienced before from any other employer.

Anonymous comment from staff survey 2019

I love working for PICS. It is such a friendly, supportive environment and people appear to genuinely care about the patients and as such offer high quality care.

Anonymous comment from staff survey 2019

“What’s great about working for PICS is that everyone seems to have a genuine desire to provide high quality, safe care to our patients. Both clinical and non-clinical colleagues are positive, enthusiastic and motivated to do the very best job they can.”